You want to know a little about the band? It goes like this. Ian and Wes are best friends going all the way back to Boy Scouts. Wes has been one of the "go-to" upright bass player in Seattle's rockabilly scene for years. When Ian began writing folky, alt-country songs and hitting the open mic circuit during his stint in film school, it made perfect sense to team up with Wes. They added Steve Andrea on lead guitar and a couple more guys, then recorded a 6 song e.p. with Ben Jenkins at the Kill Room (Seattle, WA) in 2012.

The CD was well received by fans and critics and is currently represented through the Play Network, helping put Blackheart Honeymoon into the ear holes of shoppers at the Gap, Nordstrom's and Starbucks around the country.

Then almost half the band left.

So, Ian, Wes & Steve tracked down Dusty and Adrienne, and for about a year now, the quintet has been rapidly entrenching itself in Seattle's roots-rock/americana/indie-folk community. Their second performance together was for CW11’s local hit television show, Band in Seattle (aired February 2014). Now, they regularly gig around town, sharing the stages of the Crocodile, Tractor, High Dive and the Sunset with other up & coming hopefuls like Star Anna, Witherow, Vaudeville Etiquette, and Telekinesis.

BHH returned to the Kill Room last November to record 12 new tracks for their debut album, “Mountains Speak” (slated for a Spring 2015 release), then followed that with a session at Bear Creek to make a single for Lost Hymn Recordings. Their studio chops are getting tight!

For booking, contact: blackhearthoneymoontheband@gmail.com


Ian Prebo - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Wesley Amundsen - Upright Bass
Steven Andrea - Electric Guitar

Adrienne Marie Pollock - Keys/Vocals
Dusty Hayes - Drums/Vocals






February 5th, 2015

Just posted a new YouTube vid... a little teaser for the upcoming album with some rough mixes and a few clips of studio footage - give it a looksee!

January 24th, 2015

We had such an amazing experience recording a single for Lost Hymn at Bear Creek - working with Jerry Streeter was incredible and everything sounds so good! Can't wait to share the song with you soon... hoping to make our next album at Bear Creek with Jerry.

January 11th, 2015

The new site has launched! Also, we are stoked to be hitting the stage at Conor Byrne in Ballard this coming Saturday after a couple months off from gigging around Seattle - looking forward to serenading you all with some old favorites and a couple new ones from the forthcoming record!

December 4th, 2014
We are busily mixing the tracks for the full-length album recorded at the Kill Room over the past couple months - aiming for a Spring CD release in March - stay tuned while we nail down a date.
We can't wait for you to hear the new album!


nothing and everything else album art.jpg

Nothing and Everything Else

by Blackheart Honeymoon

6 psych/country tracks recorded in 2012 at the Kill Room (Seattle, WA)


Blackheart Honeymoon performs "Mountains Speak" from their Band in Seattle TV (CW11) appearance - December 2013






“I’m a Liar" is an all out hit that falls somewhere in the smoky pool hall/western blues genre. However, the undisputed highlight is the ballad, “We All Fall Down”. The repetitive, crushing chorus is incredibly powerful and memorable.
-Savage Henry Magazine
June 14th, 2013

Despite the familiar sound that Blackheart Honeymoon provides... the band still manages to experiment in ways that push the boundaries of what you’d expect from an alt-country/folk band. “Scars Remain” sounds like a blend between Menos el Oso-era Minus the Bear and Modest Mouse, while the appropriately titled album closer, “Last Song,” is an experimental foray that makes Wilco’s "Poor Places" seem bland... The emotionally charged result is an unorthodox but touching love song that manages to stand out from the crowd without trying to do so.
- The Examiner
December 30th, 2013